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Our Advantage

  • Rich Experience
  • R & D Capabilities
  • Quality Assurance
Ningbo Shuoli Hydraulic Co., Ltd. was established in November 2019. As a professional hydraulic reducer manufacturer, since the establishment of the company, it has been fully committed to the research and development of new products. The partners include XCMG Shi Weiying, Zoomlion, Starver Hydraulics, Metton Heavy Industry, Konylo Heavy Industry, Yutong Heavy Industry, Gengli Machinery, Tianhe Technology, Tianju Heavy Industry and other global and domestic famous enterprises in various fields; With experience in manufacturing and R&D, it can meet the selection and customized mass production of various application fields and working conditions at home and abroad.

The company's R&D team is led by the company's general manager and consists of senior engineers, engineers, and other talents at all levels, with a total of 8 R&D personnel; it has strong R&D and production strength, and the independent research and development product series include DMS series hydraulic motor products, DGM series hydraulic motor products Products, DFT series travel drive products, DYT series power head products, DYNJ series hoisting/winch products, DYH series rotary reducer products, etc.; and various types of non-standard customized products with different needs, existing invention patents and invention patents under acceptance 10 Item, a registered trademark.

The company (factory) is located in Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, with a plant area of about 2,000 square meters. There are 12 sets of production equipment in the existing workshop, and a total of 24 employees, including 3 R&D technicians. The company's R&D team is led by the company's general manager, with strong independent research and development, innovative design strength.The company specializes in R&D and production of ZJL transmission series products: hydraulic motor, hydraulic winch (hoist), hydraulic rotary device, planetary reducer, wheeled walking device, etc., which can meet the requirements of different customers and different working conditions. It is widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, petroleum and coal mining machinery, ship deck machinery, plastic machinery, geological exploration, metallurgy, military industry, light industry, environmental protection and other industries. The products are exported to domestic and foreign regions and have received very good response from the market .