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High Load Travel Reducer
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High Load Travel Reducer

ShuoLi is one of the famous China High Load Travel Reducer manufacturers and suppliers.


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Product Description

Hot sale quality High Load Travel Reducer with Low Price made in China. ShuoLi is a High Load Travel Reducer manufacturer and supplier in China. GFT series hydraulic traveling reducer is an ideal rotary deceleration component that needs to drive turntable equipment, such as wheel or crawler excavator, rotary drilling rig, aerial work vehicle, crawler and truck crane, marine crane and so on. It can provide reliable performance under very bad service conditions.

GFT80T3 Serise

Output Torque (Tmax N.m)

Gear Ratio (i)

Hydraulic Motor

Input Speed (r/min)

Static Braking Torque (TBr max N.m)

Brake Working Pressure (MPa)

















1.The input steering of the reducer is opposite to the output steering. In addition to the transmission ratio listed in the table, the transmission ratio of products with batch can be selected separately

2.The allowable value of output speed (not specified in the sample) changes due to different actual working conditions. Please consult the relevant technicians of our company for details.

The product has the advantages of compact structure, space saving, high efficiency and long service life. The built-in multi plate parking brake is convenient for installation and maintenance. The product adopts modular design, optimized gear manufacturing and high-quality production technology to ensure its high bearing capacity and working reliability. Its output is a rotating shell, which is equipped with bearings and high-strength bolts that can bear large axial and radial loads, so it can be directly connected with the wheels to drive the wheels and tracks to rotate. 

The installation and connection dimensions and main technical parameters of the product are the same as those of European imported products. They can be interchanged, so they can replace imported products.


The listed hydraulic traveling reducer represents the products that have been put into production by the company. We can also provide other simultaneous interpreting models with different mounting sizes and different transmission ratios. Users of various models of products can contact our company if they have requirements for super power. 

After special treatment on the materials and surfaces of moving parts of hydraulic motor and planetary reducer, the performance and transmission power of products can be greatly improved, but the manufacturing cost and price will also be increased accordingly. We can provide customers with relevant consulting services in the customer selection stage in order to find suitable transmission solutions for customers. If necessary, please contact the technology or Sales Department of our company.


Such products have been widely used in wheeled or crawler excavators, crawler cranes, rotary drilling rigs, marine crane and other equipment. The products have been used in many well-known domestic enterprises and exported to Southeast Asia, India, Australia, Russia and other regions and countries.  

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