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What is the principle of the Planetary Reducer Gearbox?


In brief, an inner gear ring in the Planetary Reducer Gearbox is closely connected to the shell of the gear box. There is a solar gear driven by external power in the center of the gear ring, and a planetary gear set consisting of three gears equally assembled on the tray between the solar gear and the inner gear. This set of planetary gears is supported by a force shaft, inner ring and SOLAR teeth.

When the Planetary Reducer is connected to the driving power, the planetary reducer starts to work. When the side power drives the solar gear, the solar gear drives the planetary gear to rotate, and the planetary gear rotates along the center according to the trajectory of the inner gear ring. The rotation of the planetary Reducer drives the output shaft connected to the tray to output power.

Drive motor make the precision of machine of decelerate of planet of the sun wheel rotation, interlocking prompted planets round the sun and the planets round wheel rotation, at the same time, due to the wheel and the other side of the planet and planetary reducer casing wall in the body of the ring gear ring of the bite, finally under the rotation driving force for planetary wheel will follow the direction of the wheel rotation is the same with the sun on the ring gear ring rolling, Forming a "revolution" movement around the sun's wheel.

Planetary Reducer Function

1, increase torque: planetary reducer can amplify the torque of the motor, you can choose a small power motor to achieve large torque output.
2. Variable speed function: planetary reducer can realize the high speed of the motor to the low speed required by the equipment, and the deceleration ratio is an accurate positive integer.

3. Precise positioning: After the combination of precise planetary reducer and servo motor, precise positioning, quantitative feed, measurement Angle and other functions of the equipment can be realized by pulse control.

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