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Classification and characteristics of hydraulic presses


A hydraulic press is a kind of machine that uses hydraulic oil as the power source.

Through the force of the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic oil is circulated in the oil tank by the one-way valve to make the cylinder/piston circulate to do work, so as to complete a certain mechanical action as a kind of productivity machine.

According to the fuselage structure of the hydraulic press, the common ones are: four-column hydraulic press (child beam, three beam, four beam, five beam), frame hydraulic press, gantry hydraulic press, single column hydraulic press, horizontal hydraulic press, etc. Different products use hydraulic presses with different structures and tonnages.

The same hydraulic press can also replace molds to complete the processing of different styles of products. It is a multi-functional forging machine tool. Widely used in aerospace, nuclear power, petrochemical, auto parts, bicycle parts, hardware products, instrumentation, medical equipment, household appliances, household utensils, sanitary kitchen utensils and other manufacturing industries.

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